RELEASED- Style’s “Master the Game 2: The Psychology Behind The Game”

RELEASED- Style’s “Master the Game 2: The Psychology Behind The Game”

Today is the day! And the time is now. For the first time ever we release a limited number of:

Style’s “Master the Game II: The Psychology Behind the Game”

This 8 CD pack plus transcript book gives you all you need to attract women from approach to close. If you leave your dating-life to chance you’ll only ever date the women luck brings you. Pick up artists don’t rely on luck, they make their own luck.

There’s a step by step psychological system for attracting women that all PUA gurus know (of course each guru has a unique style that he applies to that system).

These steps are the BONES: Open, DHV, DQ, Q, Comfort, Close. The strategy is called developing a ROUTINE STACK. The MEAT is the tactics each guru employs.

The main ideas in all these systems are making HER chase you by revealing your disinterest, showing HER other women want you, displaying you’re different from other men, plus many more psychological tactics (too many to go into here).

You’ll get all of these pieces in the Master The Game II Pack from Style himself and the gurus he learned from and winged while writing his book “The Game.”

8 different gurus and PUAs interviewed by Style reveal: their ROUTINE STACKS, overall strategy, tactics, style, tone, and personality. Over 16 hours of PUA tutorials.

Click the link below if you’re ready to ABSORB the ROUTINE STACKS of 8 Pick Up Artist Gurus…

Get Your Master the Game II: The Pscychology Behind the Game

This package is freshly released today. No piece of it has been public before. We only printed a limited number of packages. When they’re gone…that’s it.


  1. This is the best book (pua) if ever seen keep it up ill stugel to get the new release in south africa can I oder it straight from you ?

  2. Do you think you’d be successful using the same strategy to attract both women.
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    His past and present leading ladies are all Latinas.

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