How To Attract Women When Times Are Tough

How To Attract Women When Times Are Tough

You’ve felt this way, I guarantee it. Unless you were born into a super-wealthy, old-money family, at some point or another, you felt your life hindered your chance at meeting, attracting, and getting women.

“My car is a piece of shit! How am I supposed to take a girl on a date in this?” you have wondered.

“I work in fast food, covered in grease, flipping burgers. What woman is going to be impressed by that?” you cried.

“I can’t spend the night with a woman! I life in a shithole, surrounded by messy roommates,” you exclaimed.

These are all very common complaints. But ultimately, they are just excuses that men someones use to insulate themselves from taking a risk and potentially facing rejection. It’s not that you can’t attract women because of money. It’s that you allow a lack of money to prevent you from trying to meet women.

To explain how things aren’t all lost even in the worst of situations, Stylelife brings you a three part series of articles.

My Job, Car, & Home All Suck: How to be Proud and High Value, and Attract Women, Even When Times are Tough‏

In this first installment, we’ll look at the myth of the shitty job, with insights directly from our expert coach The Sneak.

If You Think Your Job Sucks
Every job in this world serves an important purpose. In my life, before I taught seduction, I cleaned toilets. It’s not glamorous, but if nobody had that job, there would be crap everywhere. Literally.

There are different types of women in the world, a very small percentage are highly materialistic and may require you make a certain amount of money before getting involved with you romantically. The following two trais are much more important:

* The passion and love you have your work.

* Great stories about work experiences.

The reason I cleaned toilets is because I wanted to be a stand up comedian and I had a deal with the comedy clubs. I did the dirty work mopping, taking out the trash, etc. They gave me 5 minutes on the mic at the end of the show.

That simple story can now lead into many others. From there, people usually asked questions about my experiences in comedy, rather than the ones cleaning toilets. I was prepared with entertaining tales about either.

If you have NO passion and NO love for your work, if you have NO great stories or experiences to share, then QUIT YOUR JOB. You are obviously doing the wrong thing in life. Find a new gig and in order to fix that off balance area before you worry about meeting women.

Check back on Wednesday for an examination of the piece of shit car mentality.


  1. Bruno Babic - PickUpFlow /

    Awesome points, The Sneak. I’m glad that you’ve mentioned the passion bit as a good theme to use in interactions with women. What I’d like to add to your post is that based on my experience, it is also possible to attract women by just talking about your top passion in an entertaining and story-telling way even while you’re being almost totally financially broke.

    I have two stories to share with you. The first story is about me posting an ad about my private English language lessons in my local newspapers and then having a lesbian respond to my ad and meet up with me at a bar at the time when I was completely broke (NOTE: I guess that you understand that being broke actually made me put up this ad in order to earn some quick cash). And, the second story is about me sitting at the same table with my friend (that’s also my boss who I was working for as a direct sales rep selling his tourist excursions to tourists throughout many different beaches) and an extremely attractive woman who was informally meeting my friend for a potential business cooperation.

    STORY 1:

    I put up an online ad for giving private English language lessons. A woman called me up and showed an interest in my English lessons. On our first phone chat we discovered a new topic that excited both of us much more than just talking about the English lessons. That new topic was making money on the internet by having a profitable online business. At the end of that long phone chat, we arranged to meet up in person.

    When we met at a bar, it didn’t take long before her eyes started to light up with a strong emotional excitement as she was carefully listening to me. You can guess, I was passionately talking about my dream online business that I was getting ready to build at that time. Her excitement was rising more and more, and she soon got those sparkling bedroom eyes.

    Just before the bar’s closing time, she invited me to come with her for a dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, and I accepted her invite. Since she felt like she didn’t want to let me go home and leave her alone, she also suggested that we should go to the movies together after dinner – and she desperately suggested the movies idea even before we went to the Chinese restaurant.

    Anyway, after we’d finished the dinner, it was too late for the movies and we parted. Although she warned me that she was lesbian while we were chatting at the bar, she almost apologized to me for not being able to have sex with me at the end, because she told me that she was in menopause. She told me this because I gave her a compliment for hot ass a couple of times during that night.

    Hope you now understand how just talking about something with passion and authority can be what turns women on.

    STORY 2:

    I’m happy to share with you the sexually charged, direct statement that I threw in the conversation with a hot woman and my friend. Just for your information, my friend’s name is Zlatko and he was also my boss who I was working for as a direct sales rep at that time.

    All three of us were sitting at the same table, and at some point during the conversation my friend wanted to say to the woman something funny about me. He actually wanted to entertain the woman by telling her how much I enjoy being around hot women, because I told him many times that my top passion is all about picking up and having sex with the hottest women on earth.

    As Zlatko was about to openly share that sexually charged story about me to entertain all of us a little bit, I interrupted him and said: ‘OK, Zlatko, wait! Let me say that to the woman.’

    And, I said: ‘What I often like to say to Zlatko is that I’d rather have sex with all those hot women sunbathing on the beach instead of selling his fucking summer beach tours to tourists on the beach when the sun is burning hot outside.’

    Guess what? Immediately after I’ve said the above sexually charged, direct statement, the woman automatically started giving me her signs of attraction. She first asked me how old I was, then she asked me what horoscope sign I was born under, then she started kind of excessively touching my hand with her hand, and she also asked me another question that clearly showed that she was hitting on me like crazy.

    Man, she gave me at least her four signs of attraction within about 2-3 minutes. If she hadn’t been married and if she hadn’t been my friend’s business partner at the time, I could’ve easily got sexual with her at the bathroom of the restaurant where all three of us were sitting at immediately after she started showing me that she was sexually attracted to me.

    It’s important that whenever you want to throw a sexually charged, direct statement in a conversation like I did, you do it in a very nonchalant, playful and fun way. It’s like you want to show the woman that talking about sex feels totally natural and fun to you, because sex is not a taboo for you. This is crucial to understand because most guys think of sex as a taboo topic and that strongly holds them back from progressing in their game.

    Hope my above two stories inspire and encourage financially broke guys to go out and just do it with passion.


  2. Nasa /

    Good point bro.


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