Introducing Stylelife Girl: Noemi

What is a Stylelife Girl?Have you ever been curious about what women find interesting, exciting or romantic? What turns them on or off? What catapults you into the friend zone and what is irresistibly attractive? In romance it is important for men (and women) to understand each other and be socially aware and calibrated.

Which is Why We are Proud to Bring You: The Stylelife Girl

Stylelife seeks out a high caliber, attractive, intelligent, and articulate woman to discuss what they think about attraction, dating, sex, and love. Our goal is to provide insights into the female mind. Insights that you can actually use to improve your interactions with women. We strive to go beyond the simple, un-helpful “I want a guy who makes me laugh” or “Be confident” that litter so much of the usual articles out there.

SLA_Girl_11_1This time, Mojofist talked to Noemi, a European now living in Southern California. She enjoys reading philosophy and other nonfiction books. She credits a heavy reading habit with helping to improve her English and describes herself as “eager to learn new subjects.” Noemi works as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry and is also a model and actress.

Stylelife: You grew up in Hungary, right?

Noemi: Yes, I grew up in a small Hungarian town. All my family members are Hungarian. But I live on my own here.

Stylelife When did you move to America?

Noemi: Three years ago.

Stylelife: What is the difference in dating between Hungary and America?

Noemi: It is a very fast decision dating game here, especially in Los Angeles. At home, you met the same people or at least you could find out how to see someone you were interested in again. Here it is funny, everyone is hitting on people at grocery stores, on the streets, everywhere. I guess they’re afraid they won’t ever see each other again and they only have this one time chance.

Stylelife: What is the one thing that you men do in Hungary or in Europe that you wish men in Los Angeles would do? What could American men learn from European men?

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